Wednesday, 6 April 2011

You will never be more beautiful or handsome then you are today!

Do not waste your youth - these are the greatest years of your life if only you will let them be...

Let go…
Let go of hurt
Let go of pain
Let go of regret
Let go of resentment
Let go of hatred
Let go of inhibitions
Let go of fear…
Lifes too too short so let go my friend let go…!

Hold on to self respect
Hold on to self love
Hold on to dignity - do NOT let anybody not anybody take this from you!
Hold on to self power
Hold on to personal strength
Hold on to love
Hold on to hope
Hold on to GOOD friends and family who will uplift you not pull you down

Hold on to fight another day…hold on hold on hold on and hang on in there…
These are all you need to hold on to
Let go of all the rest
But don’t just hold on. LIVE!

Live as if today were your last day on earth, because baby, it just may well be!
And if you are lucky to get old - my Grandfather once told me that when you get old these are all you have - your dreams are filled with memories and you are haunted day and night by the things you should have done, and should have said
Live the life you love - go out be brave and do the things you have always wanted to do (no matter how crazy or mundane!), be the person you always wanted to be!
Look fear in the eye - dance with that devil and slap that b**ches horns off! Tomorrows not promised… all we ever have is today and this moment right now, baby this moment right here…is your greatest moment ever - shine! Shine baby shine!

“Live the life you love and love the life you live”

And Move!
We live such sedatory lives pluged into a laptop, PC, TV or video games for most of our existence and then we wonder why we are depressed!?!
LOL your body was built to move baby! Look at how magnificent you are! If you have two arms and two legs and a heart and two lungs that pump the essence of life throughout your body, then boy aint you lucky!?! MOVE! Dance like no bodies watching! Go outside and breathe in the fresh air! Take up a sport.
Walk, jog, Run baby run! Feel life pumping through your veins and beating in your chest! Talk to people in the flesh. Connect. Believe me there is no greater feeling!


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