Thursday, 7 April 2011

How to cope with Depression

Tales of Mere Existance...

For more practical advice on how to beat depression visit the following site:

CLICK HERE for free online interactive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Course

It will help I promise!

Remember you are not alone.  I'll walk you through it ( read my other posts and use the links in this page). I have been where you are and visit there frequently, but we have to fight it baby.

Holding Hands

As long as there is one last breath in your body you have to fight it and you will come out the other side - I promise - and life is far more beautiful there so don't you deserve the victory?!

Its not going to be easy.  It will take time, commitment and perseverance and sometimes a whole lot of pain to work through.  But you are worth it aren't you?!  And really what is the alternative?

Find something you are passionate about - find your purpose.
Develop a strong healthy Self love so that you can really and sincerely love others without running on empty.
Develop a Love for the world around you open your eyes and your mind...
Lust for Life!
Find and get in tune with your self power - because someone is not always going to save you - so stop waiting for your super hero/ knight in shinning armour or perfect partner, friend or hero to save you...

Fight your demons, don't let the blues hold you back from the extraordinary person you could be and the beautiful world around you.  Fight it.
you can ask your GP to supply you the codes for this online therapy site:

Beating the blues...

Free resources are also available at:

Reclaim your Queendom/ Kingdom: dont let the world miss out on the beauty that is you!

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