Thursday, 7 April 2011

How To Get Over Your Ex!

Some really great tips I wish I had stumbled across when I was going through it but maybe it will help you:

Watch these Vids for some great advice:

Some more great advice:

Notice any over lap? Great :D

” 1. Timing 
Give yourself time - any separation is difficult so be realistic about how long it will take you to recover. If you expect to get over your ex too soon it may be unnecessary pressure.

2. Understanding 
Gaining some understanding about the situation helps to come to terms with it. Be honest with yourself and ask, “What do I think contributed to the break up?” The greater your willingness to look at it realistically the easier it will be to overcome.

3. Resolution 
Gain closure on your ex by writing a letter expressing your unresolved feelings. Don’t send it immediately! This letter is for you. Keep working on this letter until you would feel good about receiving it. Then if it’s going to help you send it.

4. Options 
When you are ready explore your options. What do you want? When do you want to make yourself available for another relationship? Do you want to stay single and date?

5. Fun 
You know that you’re getting over your ex when you want to go and have fun again. Start saying yes to friends’ invitations. If you get asked out on a date go along for fun.

6. Reward 
Treat yourself to some retail therapy or a massage as a signal of how you care about yourself. You’ve had a hard time so a reward is due.

7. Help 
If you’re alive you need help! Don’t get over your ex on your own. Make sure that you get some trusted help to listen and support you along the way.

8. Health 
It’s easy when you’re stressed to stop taking care of yourself. Eat well. Stay rested. Keep exercising. Managing your health will make a big difference.

9. Self-esteem 
Any separation is a big knock to our self-esteem. As much as possible don’t take the break up personally. Focus on what you can learn about yourself and how it can help you move forward in your life.

10. Gift 
Every relationship, no matter how difficult, has some good in it. You know that you’ve gotten over your ex when you can look back and focus on the good times. Make sure that you remember the gifts you received, it will prevent you from carrying any grievances into your next relationship.”

More tips here:
Please feel free to share any tips that have worked for you in the comments below…

Good luck!

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