Thursday, 7 April 2011

Are you Calling out to me?

Pull up a chair hun, lets talk a while…

I know you’re feeling really low right now - I see it in your eyes and how they cant meet mine, I hear it in the exhaustion in your voice… but come closer hun, I have a lot of love to give and hell, its your lucky day…
I love you for the mere fact that you are another human being. I’m reaching out through this screen to let you know you are not alone - I got ya back ;)

I know some times ish gets really hard - you feel like theres no way out of the situation you’re in, and you cannot remember what its like to laugh or why people even feel the inclination to do so.

Everything feels so freaking pointless right now. I know that you have days when you just want to retreat into your shell and say fux it! Fux the world today y’all can all go to hell I dont want a part of this no more…!

And honey I want to let you know that thats ok. You take as long as you need as long as you make me one promise… that no matter how hard it gets…and believe me sweety this sh*t gets hard sometimes…that you remember who you are…

You have been through the toughest crap and come out the otherside. I’m guessing not once but several times. You’re a warrior baby -just like me, and we dont let the small immaterial things of this world get us down. As long as there is another breath in our body we will fight another day. Now those demons pursuing you ( the negative thoughts, and the toxic people) well they dont give up easy. Those SOBs just keep coming and coming, but dont worry baby I’m on your team!

And heres what we’re gonna do - were gonna look that mess right in the eye, were gonna take everything we got - every ounce of strengh, wisdom, knowledge and experience to get through this in the knowledge that we will come out stronger, tougher wiser and one of Phoenixs warriors baby! So when you are next feeling down - just remember I’m on your team, and what did I say - I said look that mess straight in the eye and walk through it anyway - cause you know what - you’re stronger than you know…
Let me know how you get on - here for ya baby,

Featued video: Eminem - Beautiful!

Much love

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