Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Let there be Colour!

Now I cant remember if it was in the book A Colour Purple or in Sula, probably the former - given the name - but I digress….any way in this book there was an old lady dying and she asked her relative to bring her the Colour purple - meaning anything of the colour purple.
Her relative brought her something and it awakened something so deep in her that every time she looked at the colour she felt totally alive…absorbing the colour with her senses and letting it consume, rejuvenate and revive her…

Today for some random reason I remembered this part of the story and it got me thinking that when we are feeling low its like your emotions are actually dying moving towards that ever numbness of rigomortis.

I was not born to live in the UK - the skies are so grey and the greyness matches the people and the concrete jungle through with life pulsates on auto pilot. Being a child of the sun and having caribbean blood pulsing through my veins I suddenly realised what i was missing…
I needed colour. To live, breathe and sleep in colour - by colour I mean not only colour, but vibrancy and fun- the joy of being alive, to awaken the senses by tantalising them to the extreme - looking for things that will stimulate my sight, hearing, taste and touch. Bring me colour and bring it on!
So hey I went shopping and bought me lots of color - nothing like a bit of retail therapy to perk up the spirits lol

Enjoy this very moment - look for the colour in your life

Much love

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