Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I’m Ok if you dont like me…

We spend so much time and energy worrying about whether or not the people around us like us.
Even those that if we were honest with ourselves - we dont even like!…So why the hell are we worried about them for?!

And its not even ok to be liked. Our deluded self tells us that “its never enough’, so at first we worry about being liked - “no one likes me” yada, yada, yada”.

Then when we get evidence that we are in fact liked - its not enough we need to be loved…”no one Loves me” and yada, yada, yada.

In our quest to be loved we find that even that is not enough we need to be popular and adored… ”
And it doesn’t stop with one person, we want the whole world to love us, well I’m here to tell you a secret, or not so secret truth…

This want that you have…well its irrational! We spend so much time worrying about being liked that it cripples us. This worry, or more accurately this fear, drives the way we dress, the way we talk, who we hang out with, the assets we aspire to attain, the goals we aspire to achieve and if it doesn’t cripple us it can lead us down a path of something even worse - fakeness and falsehood.

I’m here to tell you that its ok not to be liked. Its ok if that person over there or over here doesn’t like you. You know what - it wont kill you. Never has someone died simply because another person did not like them. if someone hates you and acts upon that hate - then yeah thats when you should be worried, butif some one does not like you, then honestly, what the hell has that got to do with YOU?
Let me explain. Unless someone actually verbalises it and comes out and says it - we have no real tangible (touchable) evidence that they dont like us. A cold stare or shoulder does not really prove anything, because the human being has not evolved far enough to have developed the ability to read minds!

Secondly even, if they really and truly do not like you, seriously, who gives a sh*t?! Is this going to make the sky fall in? No. Is this going to bring on the apocalypse? No. Are you suddenly going to die on the spot? No. Are your loved ones suddenly going to die on the spot? No. Then let me ask you again, (and say it with me now) seriously, who gives a sh*t?! Their opinion does not concern, and they are entitled to their opinion, but it has no power over you unless you let it. Seriously, it really is that simple.
What you must be concerned about is being the best possible YOU, you can be. This should not be governed by any other peoples opinions or choices, but your own. Be who YOU are and be comfortable in your own skin. Love and be happy with YOU and whatever this means for you. A few examples: Go after dreams that are yours and nobody elses, dress the way that expresses your soul and nobody elses, elevate your mind and find hobbes and interest that inspire and pleasure you. We live in a beautiful world, and the truest moment is right now - do not let it slip through your fngers because as they say, tomorrow is not promised!

Instead of wondering wheher people like you, flip the script and ask yourself if YOU like them and why? Does this person enrich your life? Does this person make you smile? Does this person make you glow inside and out? Is this person on your team? - Meaning do they want the best for you or are they just another crab in the bucket trying to pull you down and hold you down at their level. Climb that ladder baby the limit is the sky.
There should be no passengers on your plane only flight crew - what I mean by this is that you need to concern yourself with and surround yourself with people you love and who love you and only want the best for you - people who are on your team (I dont mean yes men - the best friends in the world are those that know how to give that tough love and tell you how it is - for your own good). People who want you to be the best YOU you can be and support you in this, and people you can naturally do the same for - there must be balance! Eliminate those people from your life that only ever bring negativity to the table. Now that sounds harsh, but if you carry this passenger with you you are only going to crash and that wont do either of you any good now will it!

You are YOU by your own definition, no ones opinion defines who you are. So if someone thinks or says you are a horrible person - that does not make it so. we have to love ourselves and be happy with ourselves and this self-love helps to mould and create ourselves, so if I am me by my own definition and standard, and my standard is platinum baby then thats just what I’ll be, who gives a fux what anyone else thinks, the only person who really knows you, I mean really knows you in your entirety is you - so dont let anybody tell you who you are! Be who YOU are…


Love always

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