Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Support systems: Finding your Anchor...

We can find ourselves and be so in-tune with our personal power that the feeling is euphoric and oh so very regal.

Things in life can happen, as they say sh!t happens, for whatever reason and knocks you of kilter...suddenly everything is out of synch and down comes that old familiar can feel like you are walking through your greatest nightmare...

Have you seen that movie Inception - where they had to have totem - to let them now whether they are in the dream world or reality?

Well I believe you need something like that in real life - a totem to spin to let you know where you are so you can keep pushing if you find yourself in a nightmare and work your way back - an anchor to snap you back to reality...back home...

Nightmares feel so real when we are going through them - its only when we find our way back to our centre we realise that it will take something a whole lot bigger to break us!

The good things about Totems or anchors is that you can have more than one.  In fact the more the better - a whole army of totems so that if one fails another wont - plus sometimes you need the combined forces of more than one...

My anchors... good friends,  the love of family and the warm fuzzies those give me,  my music,  my writing, a good movie, getting out of my own head by helping others with their problems (friends, family and help.comers - who are also now part of my family)...hmmmm chocolate lol but we wont go

Anyhow-wow, I challenge you to find your totems/ anchors and write them below, inspire others... and to use them as often as possible...!

Much love always,


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