Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Life is Hard...

I dont believe it was ever meant to be easy.  Those who have life too easy often have no character.  No substance to their being.  They cannot see the world through your eyes so their views are often out of synch with reality.  They say something to you and you're like "Say what?"  "Exactly what planet did you hail from, my friend because you're talking out your freaking A***"

But anyway I digress. Our struggles are what teach us resilience, they teach us strength, they put us in tune with a greater power so deep within ourselves that it takes your breath away.

Many do not know what that power is.  When they experience it they shrink away from it, cower in a corner - mystified and crippled into inaction and submission.  These people are people who never meet their full potential.  The undiscovered Susan Boyles of the world if you will.

What I'm saying is - do not shrink from your power - harnest it!  You will come across walls and baracades in your life - grow taller and climb/ walk over.  You will come across rivers and oceans with no bridges - learn to swim or build a boat!  You will come across all types of negativity, drama, hostility and adversity in your life - use your power to work with it and over come.
Like Bruce Lee said "Be Water, my friend"....

  And when you come out at the otherside - the feeling is indescribable! Immeasurable!  It's like you finally know you are alive.  You start seeing with your eyes like for the first time.  You start to notice your breath as it moves in and out, in and out of your lungs.  You become aware of the ground beneath our feet and the heavens above your head, the truly beautiful world around you and the mystifying, diverse and intrinsic people within it! And baby when I tell YOU, nothing beats the feeling, please believe me...!

May your full power be with you on your journey...

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