Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hate on Me Haters...

No matter where you go in life.  You often meet the same characters.  You can't out run them, so the best and only option is learn how to face them.

At school they were the snot nosed bully, who liked to deflect attention away from their selves and their own insecurities and onto you.  At college/ Uni and at work they manifest in many forms - yes life gets ever more complex as we start to add more layers - they may take the shape of an out and out direct bully, a sh*t stirrer, or the more passive aggressive associate that lulls you into a false sense of security with sugar coated compliments, sweetness and butter-wouldn't melt smiles and then wham lets you have it!  And you didn't even see that little dig or snide remark coming.   They may even appear in your home life as one of the above or be the manipulator or dominator in your life story.

Which ever way they manifest they are all the same - toxic people! Haters!  War instigators!
And if for what ever reason you cannot eliminate them you need to learn how to stand up to them and go toe to toe...

It's a jungle out here baby...

Whatever you do - own your pride, own your dignity, own your personal power!  You are stronger than you know, don't ever let anyone make you think less of yourself than the beautiful being you are!  There is a very special place in this world for everybody - and no body has the right to take that place from you!

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You were not built to break!

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