Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Letter to my unborn...

If I had a daughter or even a son as each child is a blessing here are the words I would share with them, everyday but especially in their darkest hour...remember we're warriors baby! Message is in the link/vid below:

I would tell them: never make some one a priority in your life, when you're only an option in theres. . .

I would also tell them:
Remember your self worth, and don't ever let anyone take your power, dignity or your self respect.  If they want your time then they have to give you your title...never be someones thing on the side...Remember you are number 1!

And of course the importance of self love:  (PS. its not me in the vid, but ~S. Cooper-Sykes)

And I would never be afraid to tell 'em I love 'em.  So hold your loved ones close tonight and tell them how much they are loved - so that they know what REAL love is and don't fall for false love.  Guide them teach them or someone else will and it wont always be things they should be exposed to...

What would you tell the next generation?

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