Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Get out of your head!

I believe getting out of your head is truly the only way to stay sane...

  We all have a poem inside - a story to tell.  We all have problems and issues, hell its the human condition!  If you have never had a problem or issue in your life - you are not a sentient being.  I feel with my whole being and admit to being over sensitive but hell, that sure beats being numb right!

In getting out of our own heads and helping others we enrich our souls through the power of giving.  In finding out about their story/ their poem we learn about our own and how to deal with our own and more people.  We look at ourselves objectively. We gain perspective...

No matter how much you are hurting someone else is huting more...

You may not have money to buy all the latest designer clothes, but somewhere in the world someone else has no clothes at all with which to clothe their naked and cold body.
You may think you are fat and unattractive, but somewhere else in the world, someone else does not have enough food to eat and wishes they were as fat as you...
You may not get on with your parents, but some where else in the world some one else is being abused by theirs, or has lost theirs.
You may not live in the best house in the best neighbourhood, but somewhere in the world someone else does not have any shelter to house them when the rains and snows fall and when the Tsunamis, earth quakes and hurricanes call.
Your life may be hard...but somewhere else someone is struggling for or has just lost the breathe of've been given a second chance...<b> in fact every day you wake up - you have been given yet another chance

Take that chance
Embrace that chance
Let go of all the negativity weighing you down
And open your arms to chance
Open your arms to love
Open your arms to life
And embrace it baby!
You don't know how truly lucky you are! 

The human soul/spirit was not made to wonder this Earth alone - our natural instinct is to reach out - dont shun away from that.  Don't let passed regrets or experiences of being burned cut you of from that.

Reach out. Connect.  Allow yourself to Love and be Loved...

Online connections - are wonderful - I have met some truly beautiful souls online...where are you in real life?  Afraid to let go of whats not important and embrace what real life.  Afraid to truly let others in in real life.   You may not open up or care as deeply in real life for fear of getting burned - but what would happen - if you let go of that fear - if everyone let go of that fear - and was the person they truly are inside...the light of the world would shine so much brighter.  Sure be cautious only a fool would not be cautious in the world we live not let that caution completely cut you off though just be wise...

Everyone crashes and one of the ones that gets back up and in doing so reach out a helping hand to another and another - feel through your touch - fight the numbness - its in fighting the numbness and building a support network we finally find solid ground...

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