Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Knowing yourself worth...

"Theres nothing more beautiful (or powerful)  than knowing your worth"

Things I've learnt and try to remember:
-When you start putting yourself in first place others will too!
-When you start walking taller, with pride in your swagger, others will sit up and take notice!
-When your no means no and you dont give your yes away too easily others will be forced to respect your boundaries!

-When you know what you want and wont let anyone or thing get in your way - others will step aside or even lend you a helping hand up that ladder!
- When you found your voice and have something to say...others will listen!
-When you know your own mind and have sharpened this tool others will respect you for it and find it hard to take advantage or not to see things your way!
-When you have learnt how to be independent and truly do not need anybody - can pay your own bills - fix your own fuse box, change the battery in your own car  that you bought - others will come running begging to do this all for you and more!
- When you have learnt how to truly love yourself those around you will love you harder,  stronger, longer, deeper.  They will respect your yes, your nos and your maybes, they will sit up and listen when you talk, and open the door for you when you walk.  They will respect and love you in your entirety, mind, body and soul.
- Because when you have truly learnt to love yourself - you will not sweat the small stuff, and it will take a hell of a lot to darken your day. You will rise above it like the Queen (or King) you are... so go ahead give yourself permission to love yourself and never forget your self worth!

Love and smoochies

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