Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So I emptied out my handbag…

Today felt like a good day - Saturdays I usually spend sleeping or vegging in front of the TV trying to motivate myself to go and do some studying.

But today I got up earlier then usually and did some spring cleaning and it really felt cathartic! I got rid of all the junk I did not need and it felt like I was decluttering my life at the same time - getting rid of all the negative thoughts I did not need - clearing out my head and getting some much needed head space…then I came across my hand bag.

I have a big hand bag. I love big handbags. In fact I looove handbags and shoe - but thats a different story! Recently I have been hating my bag it seemed so heavy recently!

The benefit of big handbags is that you can fit so much stuff in it! The disadvantage of having a big hand bag is that…you can fit so much stuff in it ! You get the picture.
So I emptied my handbag onto the floor and could not believe the amount of crap I have been carrying around with me - so once again I threw out all the things I did not need - old tissues old cosmetics pens that had leaked and so on. The bag still feels a little heavy - I still have some things I’m still not ready to let go of as yet, but it feels a lot less heavy and not weighing me me down so much. I can stand straighter, taller and feel less burdened and in the doldrums.

I think you can see where I am going with this - its a lot like like - some times we have to have a real clear out and declutter - be brutal and throw out all the stuff we dont need - the negative thoughts - the time wasting activities - or even negative/ toxic people- so that we can see clearer, think clearer, feel better about ourselves, stand taller and straighter.
So that we can breathe

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