Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Beyonce Who Run The World American BillBoard Awards 2011 Performance

When the First Lady of America, Michelle Obama (Most powerful and influential woman in the world) salutes you, you know that you have finally arrived, your dreams have been realised and you are on top of your game.  Beyonce is sitting on to of the world right now with countless Grammys and awards, and even more accolades from across the globe.  Success was not born over night.  She worked hard, tirelessly and refused to quit, striving non stop towards her goal.  Even now that she made it she knows that you are only as good as your last performance, and so continues to strive for excellence.  Beyonce does not rest on her laurels, her show stoping performance at The BillBoard Awards 2011, is a prime example.  Beyonce is in a league of her own.

So what will it take to achieve your dreams? To realise your own aspirations?  To be in a league of your own? Perhaps the clues can be found in Beyonces' story, and many like her.  The key appears to be the following:

1.  An un-waivering belief in your self and therefore bottomless degree of self love.
2.  An unshakable, nurturing support system of enriching and supportive family, friends and influential contacts. Network! Network! Network!
3.  A drive to succeed - never taking a day of - every action a strategic one aimed at bringing you closer to your goals.  In short goal orientated thinking.
4.  Strong survival instincts* - The ability to overcome hurdles instead of shrinking before them.  Looking for solutions to problems instead of dwelling on the problem itself. Being to get up after every nock back, again, again and again.
5.  Confidence - Knowing that you have something important to say, do, be and not being afraid to say, do and be it. Commanding attention with your presence as soon as you enter the room

Above all else your dream must be something you enjoy.  It must be YOUR dream.  Enrich yourself with things you love & enjoy. Pursuing your own dreams enriches the soul.  Pursuing others dreams is futile.

Who runs the world???

YOU do! 

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