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Monday, 13 June 2011

Love Life for you are Fortunate

Would you write to me in black and white?
Would you love me in red?
Would you laugh with me in sky blue?
Or would you cry with me in shades of grey?
Would you cover me in gold?
Or would you shine me in silver?
Would you colour me in your arms and let me paint your blank canvas with promises of you and I. 
Would you let me make you believe that we could be as bright as a rainbow on a summers day even after it had rained?

..the purple

This is extremely mesmerising.
Early night, let the week of despair begin. I know it’s no way to live, but it shall be over soon. Hopefully better things await.
Have you anything mesmerising to share? You know where my letterbox is. I always look forward to the post the next day.
Goodnight, Lovely.

(via shazwhaaat)

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